NOTE: All online pictures are imprinted with my name to prevent copying. Actual artwork does not include this!

I use DaVinci watercolors, Yarka Russian watercolors, Windsor Newton inks and Staedtler watercolor pencils. My portraits are done on 300 lb. Arches. I like to use a variety of papers for my creative work--handmade Japanese and Thai banana paper, mulberry paper, and Egyptian papyrus for example. I do my own tea staining.

A patron browses artwork in Terry's booth at the Bodacious Bazaar in Hampton.

Lady Justice (sold)
           Lady Liberty

Liberty Eagle (sold)
            Liberty Eagle

Crash Scene (sold)

Starry Night

The Colors of Burano
            Colors of Burano

Katie and Peter (sold)

Southern House
Southern House (227 kilobytes)

Black Belt (sold)
            Black Belt

Sherri at the Lake (sold)
           Sherri at the Lake (179 kilobytes)

Fort Monroe House

Deep Creek Repose

Inherent Worth and Dignity
of Every Person
(framed, 36X48)
Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person


Velveteen Rabbit
Velveteen Rabbit


Papyrus Carp (sold)
Papyrus Carp (470 kilobytes)

Two Goldfish (sold)
(16X20" matted and framed)
Goldfish Watercolor (1.1 megabytes)

Three Goldfish (sold)
3 Goldfish Watercolor (320 kilobytes)

Siamese With Pillows (sold)

Blue Swan (sold)
swan wc2.jpg (10902 bytes)

Ah, fantasy! (sold)
Ah, fantasy!

E. Coast Lighthouse
(framed 5X7 image, 8X10 frame)
lighthousewc2.jpg (62788 bytes)

San Diego Balboa

Hampton University Clock Tower
(unframed 3X9?)

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