NOTE: All online pictures are imprinted with my name to prevent copying. Actual artwork does not include this!

Italian Tiles

Hand painted Italian or American made tiles, sprayed with six coats of UV protective polyurethane. Perfect splash of ambiance for that very special place in your home that evokes reflective thinking, storytelling, or just plain whimsy.

Enjoy your little corner or the Cretaceous Period, your chunk of Renaissance fresco, your Egyptian archeological treasure, your backyard ecosystem... And believe.

Cave Art Antelope Clock
(click to enlarge)

Hummingbird Clock
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Monarch and Ginko

Antique Pear With Crack

Trojan Horse

Cambodian Dancer

Tulip 1

Tulip 2

Three Maroon Oysters

Three Maroon Fan Shells

Ginko with Kanji Calligraphy

Conch and Tiny Shells

Japanese Maple 1

Japanese Maple 2



Yellow Iris


Bull Frog

Red Ear Turtle

Fern Frog

Tree Frog

Desert Skull

Lascaux Buffalo

White Orchid


Italian Tiles are sized at 6 X 6", 12 X 12"; Special sizes (such as 6 X 12", 12 X 24") or combination designs available on request. Some are immediately available but if not available, new ones can be painted within two weeks.

These tiles are initially designed for floor use but I use them for decorative purposes only. They are prepared for hanging with eyehooks on the back, and may also be used as trivets, as they have small pads on each corner. They are heat resistant but are not fired. They are sealed with 6 coats of varnish for indoor use only. They can be wall-mounted as art or used for practical purposes, such as a trivet or a kitchen backsplash. Each one is an original work of art so no two are alike.

Unframed 6X6" Italian or American made tiles = $27.00 + shipping and VA state tax (if applicable)*
Framed 6X6" Italian tiles = $55.00 + shipping and VA state tax (if applicable)*
Unframed 12X12" Italian tiles = $45.00 + shipping and VA state tax (if applicable)*
Framed 12X12" Italian tiles = $68.00 + shipping and VA state tax (if applicable)*
Custom orders, such as matching sets and clocks**, may be priced higher.

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*Virginia sales tax is only applicable if you live in the state of Virginia
**Clock movements should not be exposed to outdoor elements. Movement takes one AA battery, which is included with purchase. Always move hands in a clockwise direction when setting.

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