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Murals and Furniture

My murals and furniture are painted with a combination of latex house paint and artist acrylics, and are rarely painted with oil. Pricing is as low as $100 for a wall silhouette and can run up to $6,000 for a wall-to-wall, completely covered room. I do not have scaffolding but can easily do 10-ft. or even 20-ft. walls and ceilings with a "Little Giant" ladder. I can design or you can choose (Pet portraits and seaside or pastoral scenes are great on walls and doors!). Furniture should be stripped and ready to paint, either raw wood or an acrylic base coat.

Email for details if you live in the MD, VA, DC or NC vicinity.

Click HERE to view a virtual tour of a house containing several of my murals.

One of the many murals from an Italian restaurant. Click on the photo to view other walls.

Portion of a mural from a Mediterranean restaurant. The mural is a wide-sweeping Meditteranean scene. Click on the photo to view the rest of the scene.

Exit door on assisted-living ward (which Alzheimer's patients might try to use) is transformed into what looks like a bookcase to disguise the exit

...and another exit door

Mural in a bar

Vegas-themed mural

click to view larger picture
Mural painted on the wall of an elevator enclosure

click to view larger picture
A regatta in a living room & a business mural

click to view larger picture

Wooded scene with aspens appearing on one side of a stairwell...

Aspen mural in stairwell

...opposite, redwoods stretch 20 ft. from bottom of 1st floor to top of 2nd.

When I create murals, first I make a rough sketch...

...and post sample pictures on the wall as a guide

...then I flesh out the details

Springtime treetop scene painted on dayroom ceiling.

Dayroom ceiling

Frolicking cats and dogs on an SPCA mural.

Sometimes the murals are merely

borders to a room...

...and other times the murals

howler monkey baby mural2.jpg (34048 bytes)
cover the room entirely, floor to ceiling

jaguar cub mural2.jpg (51021 bytes)

katie frog mural2.jpg (41653 bytes) fencebackpackwallart2.jpg (13207 bytes)

NOTE: Some online pictures are imprinted with my name to prevent copying. Actual artwork does not include this!

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