NOTE: All online pictures are imprinted with my name to prevent copying. Actual artwork does not include this!


  The pieces on this web site are primarily acrylic. I use a matte medium to help the paint flow and sometimes use glazes for translucency. I sometimes use Max Oil paints because they thin with water, are low-odor, and dry quickly.

Terry's paintings have been selected in multiple years for display at the Hampton Roads Convention Center as part of the Halls of Art Exhibition.
Click photos to see paintings by themselves (Summer Fun, 30" x 40"; Meditations on a Marina, 30" x 40")

Juried entry for Hampton's Halls of Art XI

Symmetry in Repose (30" x 40", with frame)      &      Splash (12" x 18", with frame)

Deep Creek Hull      &      Perfect Plums (30" x 40")

Beach Gallop (24" x 30")      &      Mia's First Prowl

Stormy Deep Creek (18" x 24")      &      Daffodil Daydreams

Hampton Underwater          &          Vince at Docks
Finalist for 2007 Hampton Bay Days poster

Swans at Dusk (24" x 30")      &      Music of the Sparrows (24" x 30", with frame)

Cobalt French Country

Journeys (Graphite and charcoal on Handmade Japanese Kojo with mango bark)

Unbridled (gallery wrap canvas, 30" x 40"
acrylics, metallic paint, & feathers)

Uncorked (gallery wrap canvas, 20" x 30"

Oh, Orange Poppy!
(Gallery wrap, 20" x 24")

Sunset on Hampton Bridge
(framed, 26" x 30")

Oh, Orange Poppy!

Sunset on Hampton Bridge

Gold Geese

White Peacock

Hot Pink Day Lily

Coneflower Creation

Hot Pink Day Lily

Coneflower Creation, 32in X 40in gallery wrap, $450

Red Poppy


Red Poppy, 18x24

Sunflower, 18x24

Scotty Dog


Starbucks with Red Glove (688 KB)

West Highland

Girl in Doorway

West Highland with Red Glove

Marlin (rough barn wood, 2' wide)

Trevina in S.C. (burnished gold frame, wood)

swordfishmarlin2.jpg (36118 bytes)

trevina in sc2.jpg (6824 bytes)

Five Cats

Spring Bunnies

Five Cats

Spring Bunnies (172293 bytes)

Marcie Angel (antique off-white frame, wood)

Fantasy Bears (antique off-white frame, wood)

marcieangel2.jpg (28661 bytes)

polar bear fantasy2.jpg (19170 bytes)

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